About Cupcakes & Kittens

Hi, I’m Becca!


I’m a twenty something vegetarian working as a receptionist/office administrator by day and writer by night. This little slice of the Internet is where I share my cupcake and dessert recipes, organization tips & tricks, beauty reviews and DIY projects.

That’s my husband Brian and I. We met in 2008 while attending college. We were both in the same philosophy class and shared a love of  The Simpsons.


We got married on July 13, 2013 after five awesome years together. You can see some of our wedding photos here.

This is our one year wedding anniversary… We spent the day doing what we both love: Eating at fun restaurants, walking the streets for the art fair and sampling some beer.


We have two sister kittens, Alice and Zooey. (Zooey has the white nose and Alice has the gray nose in case you were wondering.)


They aren’t really kittens anymore, but they are our little fur babies. We got them from Brian’s sister and her husband as a wedding gift. Alice and Zooey love catnip toys, chomping on cords and sleeping the day away wherever they can get comfortable.



We live in an apartment which I am constantly organizing and finding new ways to decorate.

In my free time I enjoy painting, baking (duh), watching cooking shows, spoiling Alice and Zooey, and spending time with friends and family.


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