Pomegranate Sunrise… Ole!

In celebration of it being Cinco de Mayo today, I was inspired to create my own version of the classic Tequila Sunrise. It reminds me of summer and vacation and just relaxing… I modeled my drink after this sweet, fruity summer cantina staple… I call it the Pomegranate Sunrise.



What I love about mixology is that you don’t have to use exactly what is called for and you can easily substitute things you don’t care for or don’t have on hand for something that you do. I don’t keep tequila on hand, mostly because I don’t make a ton of margaritas, but as Ted Mosby would say, kids.. don’t drink tequila.

I don’t have tequila, but boy do I have coconut rum… Usually I keep orange juice on hand, but Brian wanted to try the tangerine Cuties juice and it is a nice substitute. It adds more of a sweet, smooth flavor with no pulp.



Start by adding ice to your cocktail shaker. Then add one measure (about 1.5 fl. oz) of the coconut rum and 3/4 cup of tangerine or orange juice and shake away!






Have a tall glass with ice ready to pour the mixture into. Now is the fun part… in the classic recipe, tequila sunrises call for grenadine syrup. But once again, I don’t have that and it’s not my taste. But I do have pomegranate syrup…



This next step needs to be done slowly and carefully to be effective. Slowly pour about half a measure of the pomegranate syrup into the bottom of the glass and allow it to settle. The goal is to get the fun color variation that the sunrise is known for.




After it settles, garnish to your liking. Some suggestions are an orange slice or a cherry. I had some drink umbrellas, so I thought those were very fitting and reflective of vacation and summer. Don’t forget to use a straw so the color variation doesn’t mix together as you drink it.