…I’m Back!

It’s been about a year since I last posted here when it was named Hipster Housewife. Life was also very different one year ago. I worked at the company next to my dad’s business and did a lot of blogging in my free time at work. I was engaged to the love of my life and we were searching for the perfect apartment to call home. We have lived in our homey Germantown apartment for 9 months now. We also have two little kittens running around, or at least until nap time. We got Alice and Zooey from Brian’s sister Amy and her husband Camron. 


Suspicious and excited, I asked my mother-in-law one day if they were getting us a kitten for our wedding. Smiling, she said no, and didn’t let on that they were getting us not one, but two kittens. Now they are almost one year old!



Another huge life change – we got married! It’s still a little weird to think about, but it’s a very good weird. It was nothing short of the best day of my life.



Brian still works at the same place but I have been on the move with jobs. I quit my high school job at a grocery store after seven long years; I worked at Kohl’s Corporate editing the online ads, thinking it would lead to bigger and better things, but it just didn’t pan out; I was laid off twice at other jobs in 2013, which really took a toll. But 2014 is already my year – I landed a full-time, permanent (which was soooo exciting after working temp jobs) receptionist job at an awards company that is ten minutes from our apartment. It has been such a relief knowing I now have stability in my work life. 

Now my next venture is a creative one: reinventing this blog. I renamed it Cupcakes and Kittens. I intend to post more about my love of baking, especially all the cupcakes and delicious desserts I bake in addition to my regular content.

Another hobby of mine is organizing. I love taming the chaos of everyday life and making my family’s or someone else’s life easier by integrating an organized system. Pinterest has fueled this obsession… 

And I can’t forget the latter of Cupcakes and Kittens… Our kittens Alice and Zooey are little troublemakers, but they are pretty darn cute, so I’ll be sure to share some kitten cuteness on here too. Case in point…. 


So please follow my blog, “Like” Cupcakes and Kittens on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest, and also on Twitter to get all the latest posts! I love receiving feedback, so please drop by and let me know what you think! Thanks and see you next post on Cupcakes and Kittens!


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