March Forth for 100cameras!

I love photography. It’s one of my favorite things to read about and research and when I have the time, I love to go out and do photo shoots. I recently learned about an awesome organization where a friend, Jayme Markus is interning called 100cameras. It’s a charity that brings photography to children in need while providing aid to them and their community.

As the 100cameras mission puts it, “It’s simple, really. We give a camera to Jackson. Jackson snaps a photo. Then you buy his photo. 100% goes back to Jackson. And Jackson is empowered.”

100c.cuba.eduarto.age11 100c.cuba.jose.age13 100c.cuba.miriam.age15

I love that these kids have the opportunity to empower themselves and bring change to their community. We also get the chance to see through the eyes of the child through their photography and what their life is like.

andrew16   [child] joey19 jackson 12*

Co-founded in 2008 by four women in NYC, 100cameras has implemented projects in South Sudan, New York City, Cuba, and India.

In one year, the sale of the children’s photography has raised $10,000 that has funded hundreds of meals to neighborhood children and purchased 1,000 eyeglasses, 20 cameras, 6 sewing machines, and medical supplies that were delivered in November for community members that currently do not have access to these important supplies.  Additionally this winter, the remainder of this money will fund a vocational training project where women in the community will learn the trade of sewing in order to start their own business, helping generate income for themselves and their families.

This is just truly amazing to me… to empower young artists while raising such a large amount of money for their community… they must be proud and rightfully so!

josephine13   [child] kabang 04 kiden 10   [child]

You can purchase these and other prints from You can also read about the young photographers involved with each project! The funds from your purchase provide medical care along with food and pay for educational costs.


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