Sweet Dreams…

As many of you know, I am such a Pinterest addict, but now it’s at a whole new level… I was asked to pin for Pinfluence Beauty! So I just want to share my nighttime routine and the products I use with the Pinterest world. Enjoy!


I typically shower at night, so I have included these here, but it’s really a toss-up. I love using the Organix brand shampoo and conditioner. I actually discovered them at Pick’n’Save a few years ago when they were on sale! They typically retail for around $7.99 a bottle, but they go on sale for usually $4.00!! And guess what!? They are on sale right now!! It’s so difficult for me not to buy a whole bunch of them because that is such a great sale! I restrained myself though and I only bought one of each of the coconut milk.

I’m currently using the passionfruit guava which is awesome and the biotin and collagen which I think is my new all time favorite…. It’s one of the newest varieties. I bought it because of it strengthens hair, which I really need after my bout with bleaching. It works great and I am so in love with the scent! It’s a combination of floral and fruit, but it’s sweet and not overpowering. It reminds me of the perfume Brian got me for Christmas… Philosophy Unconditional Love. Both smell amazing.


I prefer the Skintimate shave gel. I’ve tried cheaper versions, but they just don’t compare. I love Bath & Body Works, so of course I use their body wash…. and I get plenty of coupons for free travel size (with no purchase required) and free signature collection item with purchase. I have a small stockpile of body wash, so I’ll never run out…


I like to wash my face in the shower, so I have to keep one in the shower and one in my bathroom cabinet… I keep my Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser in the shower and my Biore Steam Activated Cleanser in the cabinet. I also moisturize all the time with my Mary Kay moisturizer! The cleanser and moisturizer is actually formulated for normal to dry or combination/oily skin types! So awesome!


This is the slew of Mary Kay products I use at night… The Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover is a godsend! It’s safe to say that I (as well as my sister-in-law to be) are addicted! I also use the Night Solution, TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream, TimeWise Night Restore and Recover Complex (my new favorite!), and TimeWise Replenishing Serum+C. I especially love the last two because they have some added moisture while not being greasy!


I recently started using the Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask and I’m in love! It helped clear up my skin and it has a great citrus scent. I have been using the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips forever… I like to use one on my nose and one on my chin because those are my acne hot-spots. I follow the pore strips with Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner for a nice and smooth nose.



One thing that I absolutely can’t live without is Satin Lips! I am constantly putting on lip balm regardless of the season and the Satin Lips mask make my lips so smooth! After I apply it and leave it sit for a minute, I like to take my wash cloth and scrub the dead skin cells off. There’s a clear, unscented lip balm to go with it. One thing I was wondering though, Mary Kay makes a peach version of the Satin Hands, but why isn’t there a peach Satin Lips?? That would be amazing… especially because peach is my favorite…

Well that is my typical nighttime routine… sweet dreams everyone!


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