Wedding and Hair Update…

Brian and I got our engagement photos taken on Wednesday for the third time… the first two were by our talented friend, Michelle Manthey. She did such a good job, but our wedding photographers wanted to do one with us too so we get used to their style and everything. Brian went to high school with Kellen of Weeno Photography and he and his wife Ashley run their photography business together. We already had some photos taken in Eau Claire, and then some in Delafield by the library, Lapham Peak, and Milwaukee Street Traders… so I was trying to think of a nice location for this set of photos, but nothing came to mind that was close enough. We ended up taking them near Kellen’s parent’s house. There was a nice park with a playground and some woods… I can’t wait to see them and I will share as soon as I can! I will say that we took some inspired by Pinterest with holiday lights that I found on clearance:

holiday lights couple

We also got some of the guys fitted for tuxes and everyone is going to look pretty sharp… It’s so nice to have things falling into place with about six months to go! I had a mini panic attack the other day because it’s just coming up so quickly and it’s just crazy to think that this is our last New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, anniversary of dating (in April), etc. before we are married! It’s scary, but it’s a good scary…


So remember when I bleached my hair all those times and colored it all crazy? Yeah, don’t ever bleach your hair… it’s terrible. Fun, but terrible for your hair…

I went to a salon to get my hair “back to normal” after the purple mishaps and I am very pleased with it! Well, pleased with the color and cut, not so much the breakage…


It’s hard to get a good photo of the color, but it’s dark brown with cherry lowlights… I basically asked the stylist to just do whatever to fix it and that I liked dark browns and reds…



I was so mad when that box of hair dye from the drugstore turned my hair dark purple and then it faded where the bleach was.. ughhhhh it looked so terrible! I’m promising myself now that I will take care of my hair and to never, ever bleach my hair ever ever again!!

After I got my hair colored, I stopped at Ulta to get some color-protect shampoo and conditioner… I really love the Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, so I decided to try the Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. Not a good idea… well, actually I’m still kind of confused… It left all this residue and product build-up in my hair! I can’t even tell you how many times that I used it, dried my hair and then wanted to shower again to get all the junk out of my hair! I don’t know if it’s just the shampoo and conditioner or just because of all the bleaching, but it’s just not cool… especially because I have three bottles of each… yes, there was a sale at Ulta. It’s just my latest hair annoyance… I’m just going to go back to using my regular Organix shampoo and conditioner….. sigh.

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 11.42.08 AM


Speaking of the Organix Shampoo…. On my last trip to Ulta to find some goodies to bump me up to platinum rewards status I found this gem. Honestly, my favorite thing is that it smells soooooo amazing! Scent is a huge factor for me and this is just great. I love every  Organix shampoo and conditioner that I’ve tried and this really hit it out of the park for me. The shampoos and conditioners are all very nourishing, sulfate-free, safe for color-treated hair, and don’t test on animals! They also make a great line of hair treatments. I’ve tried the Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment and it makes my hair so soft and shiny (in a good way). Next thing I have to try is the body wash and body lotions!


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