Life has just been insane and go-go-go lately, so here’s a confetti post… more of everything…

First, I have to start with some energy food…



I’ve always been fascinated by the Australian yogurt, so I finally tried it. I must say it is very good… not what I’m used to with greek yogurt, but delicious nonetheless.


I received a very special package from the one and only, Audrey Kitching… I was so stoked… audreykitching2


If you don’t know, that’s Audrey… she’s kinda my idol… or at least my fashion inspiration.



She wraps things so cute…


I ordered a vintage jacket from her online through Threadflip.If you haven’t heard of that, it’s very awesome… especially for thrifting addicts like myself! Basically, you can buy or sell new or previously loved clothes and accessories! There are often designer or vintage items listed, but it also includes things from Forever 21 or Target… love it.


Another shopping habit I’m addicted to is Ulta… sigh… Where do I even start with Ulta…. It’s a make-up and hair addict’s heaven. I bought some stuff online for friends and I got all these samples and even some full size products all in a make-up bag for spending a certain amount online. What’s not to love about that?


That’s me in my Audrey Kitching-inspired outfit ready to go out.


Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my pink hair….


I miss it already…


This is right after I dyed it… “Light Burgundy Blonde”…..


I wish I could say that my hair still looks great and is this pretty red, but all the color came out in the first wash… Now it’s this awful mix of brown/blonde with a pinkish purple tint…

I was so confused why my hair looked so terrible. I figured it was because of the bleach to get the pink out of my hair, but this is just terrible dye… I see another dye job in my immediate future!


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