It’s never easy to say goodbye

This won’t be easy. It never is.

Wednesday night we lost another classmate. I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I remember Wayne as a very cheerful person. He would come into the grocery store that I work at and talked to me and asked how I was doing.

I didn’t hang out with him, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I went to school with Wayne since elementary school. I feel a special bond with my classmates; we don’t have to keep in contact much, but I do wonder how everyone is doing six years later. When they have joys, I smile for them; when they have troubles, I feel for them.

From what I read on Facebook, he was found unresponsive at his home, which just breaks my heart even more. All I can think about is “why?” and I just wish he reached out to someone first.

This is the fourth classmate that we’ve lost and I still can’t believe how many were taken so young. My heart goes out to their families and closest friends. I can’t even imagine losing someone so close to me. It must be so difficult to move on with your life after your son, boyfriend, best friend dies. I just can’t even begin to imagine…

wayne and amanda

Another guy I went to elementary through high school with said it so well… “If you can see this post, know that I am here and I truely care about you. All 600+ of you facebook friends. Some from skool, some from various jobs, some from games online. However I know you, if you’re my friend here, you’re my friend in my heart. Please feel free to reachout to me if you need. I can’t keep loosing people I care about. R.I.P. Wayne Wilson.”

Life is so precious and it’s sad that we are all reminded of this by tragedies like this. Take a moment in your day not only to appreciate people around you, but also make sure to express your love and gratitude.

wayne and maggie

Anniversaries: Amani d’Oleire: 11/9/2006, Cassie Maas: 03/02/2007, Matt Collett: 12/9/2011, Wayne Wilson: 12/5/2012

May you all rest in peace and watch over us from heaven.


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