New Hair… (again)

Yep, I think I’m addicted to dying my hair…. I just get bored quickly and I wanted a change. This time I was thinking violet highlights…. what do you think?



It didn’t turn out how I expected, but I love it! It’s subtle enough to not be too outrageous, but it still is a pop of fun!


Just the essentials… hair dye and ramen noodles….


First I bleached my hair where I wanted the purple. Then, I used the Ion Color Brights Semi-Permanent hair color in Purple. The woman at Sally Beauty suggested I leave the purple in for 3 hours, but I only did 2 because, I’ll admit, I was scared… but I usually am with my hair experiments…


After I rinsed the purple out and dried my hair, I was going to dye the rest of my hair black, but I wasn’t so sure about that anymore. So I opted for a Spicy Auburn Brown by L’Oreal Paris that I had previously purchased. I honestly don’t care for the mousse dyes…. I tend to get it allllll over the place. I got it on my pants, my hair and my bedroom floor… but it probably doesn’t help that I was trying to speed up the process.


I was happy with the finished look, but I was going for a look closer to what I have on my Pinterest boards… but I have a feeling that would’ve been too extreme, especially this… despite how awesome it is. Maybe I’ll do the same thing next time, but make the violet darker… ideas are always welcome!


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