I’ll just keep this post simple.

Today is one year from when Brian proposed to me… or as he calls it, our engage-aversary. He can be so adorable when he wants to be…

Today is also eight months away from our wedding.

I am so in love with this wonderful man. He makes me happier than I ever thought I could be. We’ve been through so much in our 4.5 years together and I wouldn’t change a thing.

We met while we were both taking an Asian Philosophy class at UW-Waukesha. I decided to transfer to Eau Claire with him before I really knew him well and I had no idea why I was so attracted to him, but I felt that I would very much regret if I didn’t go with him. I didn’t have specific plans or even preferences where I wanted to transfer and it just felt right.

The summer before we moved to Eau Claire we grew even closer and became inseparable when we were at school. Fast forward two years and Brian graduated from Eau Claire. I had one more semester left and he attended police academy in Eau Claire to stay close to me. He had long hours of academy and it was hard finding time to be together.

As April approached, I was getting upset, worried, and scared because he was graduating and going back home. I cried so much because I missed him.Β We had to spend our April 20th anniversary apart. We still exchanged cute cards, but it wasn’t the same.

We did find little things in our day to connect with each other. He found a beanie baby kitten on the road in his subdivision that he rescued from the rain. We named her Teeny. Just little things like that to feel close to each other despite the distance.

I was so ready for my graduation to come in May. He came up with my parents and stayed with me and helped me finish packing up my college life. I cooked him dinner and we watched a movie and it was right where we left off.

We came home and he found a job doing loss prevention and then inmate transport. He was eventually hired at the sheriff’s department and we were both so elated that he had a steady full-time job. About a month after he got the call that he was hired, he proposed to me.

We went out for dinner at Olive Garden and after we pulled into my driveway, he called me over to his side of the car. He was down on one knee and I started bawling. It was the happiest moment of my life to date. The man I am so deeply in love with asked me to be his wife.

I think that July 13, 2013 will top this moment though. And that’s perfectly wonderful.


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