You’re My Best Friend…

This has been quite the interesting week… For one, I dyed my hair the most extreme it’s ever been. I was so nervous what everyone else would think about it that I didn’t even know what I thought of it! It turns out that a lot of my MK ladies like it, which kind of surprised me, but I’m glad. Of course my “beastie” (bestie) Jamie loved it…. I can always count on her for these things.

my best friend for 11 years…

I already had my hair dyed black/darkish brown, so I had to use hair bleach to take out some of the color for the red to show. I decided to do red highlights. I honestly have no idea where I even came up with this whole idea… after work on Tuesday I went over to Sally Beauty Supply and got some professional hair dye without a clue what I was planning on doing with it. So then on Wednesday when I had some spare time and some idea what to do, I bought some bleach and developer and had at it.


At some points it was quite frightening and others it was exhilarating. This was the first time I ever bleached my hair or used the professional hair dye, so it was quite the learning experience.

fun things from ulta…

I also went to Ulta… if you are trying to save money, do yourself a favor and don’t set foot in this store, because it is awesome. I went in to get a curling iron and decided on the Bed Head “Curlipops.” Seems pretty fun and I tried it for a couple chunks of hair before I went to Jamie’s and it looks pretty cute. I can’t wait to try it some more! Of course I couldn’t make it out of that store without getting something more and the Katy Perry eyelashes got me in the checkout line… dang.

Jamie and I like to try new restaurants in Milwaukee lately, so we went to Trocadero’s last night. We almost didn’t go because I wasn’t sure they would have much vegetarian food, but I am sooo glad that we did!

Spicy Black Bean Mamacita Burger at Trocadero’s

I had the Spicy Black Bean Mamacita Burger with sweet potato fries… the burger had chihuahua cheese (so yum! If you haven’t tried it, go get some from your local Mexican grocery store!), guacamole, yellow cherry tomatoes, and green tomatoes. We got margaritas from their extensive drink menu; I got the Blood Orange and Jamie got the Jalapeno Cucumber one. They were pretty good! We will definitely making a repeat visit.


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