“I Made You a Mixtape”

One of my absolute favorite books from high school was made into a movie…

I am so stoked to see “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and it’s almost here!! For the lucky ones who live in New York or Los Angeles, you can already see it. It is also available in select cities September 28 — this Friday! Otherwise you have to wait like me until October 5th. It will be well worth the wait.

I was actually really excited to see it on September 21st because I thought it would be everywhere. Jamie and I were actually considering making a trip to Chicago to see it early.

I am currently re-reading Perks before I see the film just to remind myself of it. The first time I read it was sophomore year of high school… so, eight years ago??? Wow, that seems like forever… and it makes me feel old. I was co-leader of our Literati book club and this was one of our selections. We liked to read “alternative” stuff…

Are you going to see this film? Have you read the book? I plan on seeing the film, so I’m sure I’ll post my thoughts afterward…


4 thoughts on ““I Made You a Mixtape”

  1. Yay for another movie filmed in Pittsburgh! Love that the book mentions so many different things about the Steel City. Keep a watch out for the Fort Pitt tunnel scene!


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