Ruffle Cake!

Today we got our sample wedding cake… and it was quite a productive meeting! Brian’s neighbor has a cake shop in Germantown and she is giving us a discount! I have been pretty good about finding wedding discounts… cake, photography, save the dates (that we will have to scrap because we changed our date, but still….) I’ll have to do a whole other post on wedding discounts!

a peek of the cake!

Brian and I met with Christine to talk about what kind of cake we wanted and just hash out some other details. At first we wanted to just have a white cake with white designs on it because it wasn’t that big of a deal to us, but now I think we are going to do something fun and out of the box… but we showed the cake designer the coral cake below, and she asked if we wanted her to whip it up really quick so we could see how the ruffles would look. ummm, yes!

cake inspiration…
our sample cake!

Brian was very adamant on getting chocolate cake with cherry filling because he loved the black forest cake he had for his high school graduation that was from cake and bake. I kinda wanted red velvet cake, but we are going to compromise and he will get to pick the flavors and I will pick the design and look of the cake since that’s what is important to us.

it was very yummy to say the least… yum!

When we got it home to try, I cut really big pieces kind of on accident… we got the non-dairy whipped topping because it is better for the hot summer months and with the ruffles it is A LOT of whipped cream!


4 thoughts on “Ruffle Cake!

  1. Ashley, you would love it because there was A TONNNN of whipped cream! I think those are the flavors and frosting that we are going with too… and Brian’s dad said that it would be good for smashing in each other’s faces… haha


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