Everything You Can Imagine is Real…

Yesterday I realized how much I don’t know… I was in a minor car accident and I felt so confused and just didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was sixteen and helpless again. Thankfully, my sister was with me and she helped a lot, but if it was just me I don’t know how I would have fared… But I kept thinking about how I don’t care to learn much about cars, insurance stuff, taxes, all this “grown-up” stuff… Real life can be scary when you aren’t sheltered by over-protective parents.

It’s a strange transition from careless teenager to struggling twenty-something. So much happens in your twenties; you go to college, you work, you watch your friends get married and have children, you get married too, you wait to have children, you move to a new city, you start from scratch… you don’t know anything.

But even once you have knowledge, there will still be things that you don’t know… you will continue to have “sixteen and helpless” moments. Knowledge is power, but only to an extent.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.”

So much is changing in the next year; this day next year I will be married, 25, hopefully have a new job, have a kitten, live in Washington County… I’ll have different priorities, more responsibilities, other things I am concerned with. I have been able to adapt to new situations little by little, but it’s a little scary to think how much things will change.

I want to find balance once I’m married… I would love to be with Brian 24/7, but that’s not healthy. I want to be with my friends too and not have to worry that he misses me. I don’t want to be the friend that never wants to hang out because I’m with my husband, and likewise I don’t want to neglect him either…

All my friends live all over the place too, so it would be difficult to hang out with everyone all at once and I prefer one-on-one time with friends. How do you divide your time equally between your loved ones?


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