The Best Version of Myself

So I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been crazy busy! Friday when I would normally post was my birthday and Brian took my out and then I had the 5 am shift at work. Monday and Tuesday I had florist appointments, but I’ll say more about that later… to say the least, it was stressful.

Anyway, what I really want to blog about tonight is my Mary Kay business and just recap the past three whirlwind of months… I signed my MK agreement on May 12 and really got going in June and July seeing faces. It is now August and I have two recruits, making me a senior consultant. My sister just signed at the end of July and her friend Jillian signed in June and I’m looking for my third recruit to get into my red jacket. Jess told me tonight that I am a quiet storm and I am really feeling that. I have a bunch of women to call for a facial or party and I am just on a mission to find my third wonderful recruit!

There are times when I am down about my MK business because I didn’t see any faces or I didn’t sell that much, but I am so grateful for my MK sisters who pick me up after a not so stellar week and I am once again motivated to reach my goals that I set. You never know how you touch certain people in your live and that is so true with MK; even a few encouraging words can motivate someone to pick herself up and get going again.

And now for the flowers… sigh. I went with Michelle Monday to a studio in Wauwatosa called Petals and I just loved her studio.. super cute and lots of bright green, so that won me over. (My bedroom walls are painted kelly green, fyi…) But Carrie was so helpful and knowledgable and I just really want her to do my flowers, but it will mostly come down to price… we decided to price out every single thing that I could possibly need and then just cut out things if I decide that we don’t really need them. That quote was about $1700!! I had no idea that wedding flowers cost that much!! So Tuesday we went to Blooms in Bloom in Mukwonago to see what that was like and her floral shop wasn’t as cool as the other one, (I have no idea why I’m factoring this in, but image seems important) but she quoted it at $1300ish including a $450 cake… so that is considerably cheaper. Still don’t know who to go with because I am still trying to figure out what kind of flowers I want for what and how many. It is just so confusing at times because I’ve never planned a wedding before!

I also got my hair cut… nothing too crazy, just back to it’s normal self. Except when my hairdresser asked me if I had ever had my hair thinned out, I wasn’t sure and we decided that she would do it a little and see how I like it. It hurt… I am a big baby about pain, but my scalp was throbbing… it’s basically the scissors pulling on your hair and cutting it off at the same time. Has anyone else had this done? At least now I know for next time, right?

So that is the scoop… I am going to focus on booking appointments for facials and parties… oh, we have a booking contest for next week, so that is some incentive! I am also looking for ideas on how to share the MK business information during a facial or double facial that is quick and easy.

I will leave with a thought from Jackie, the Queen of Sales in our unit who got to go up on stage at seminar:

“You are born to be the best version of yourself.” and “The measure of your life will be the measure of your courage.”

What do those mean to you?


2 thoughts on “The Best Version of Myself

  1. Are you doing flowers as centerpieces? I am doing lanterns instead and that is saving me probably $800 and theyre just as pretty. Also, thinning your hair should not hurt. I used to work at a hair salon and had it done to my hair all the time. Your hairdresser just needs to get her thinning shears sharpened!!


    • We are planning on doing pint-sized mason jars for centerpieces with a few dahlias on some tables and a few hydrangeas on the others, but there are at least 12 tables, so that jacks up the price… and i think we might just do a few hydrangeas for the bridesmaids (I have five) and that will help save some money. Thanks for the tip on hair thinning… I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be like. I just went to Mastercuts in the mall because that’s where I always go.


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