Birthday Fun

Friday was my birthday. I had to work, but it was still a good birthday. My sister even came into work to give me my card and a necklace with an ice cream cone charm on it. That brightened my day.

After work, I hung out with Brian and we went to Carrabba’s Italian restaurant. I love their homemade pasta and sauces and their dipping oil/bread…. so good.

Delicious pasta from Carraba’s…. tomato basil sauce with garlic, spinach and artichokes… yumm

Brian always gets me the cutest cards for my birthday or valentines day or our anniversary. This year he got me an owl one… so cute.

Cute owl card from Brian…

My mom invited my uncle, aunt, and my cousins over for a taco dinner on Saturday. She made me an elephant cake… she has an obsession with elephants ever since my cousin Grace declared her love for them. Since then, she swears that the elephants find her… in the form of stuffed animals, home decor, and cake pans of course…

Elephant cake my mom made… and my cousins Grace and William are so cute..

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