Becca say relax…

Much exciting stuff has happened as of late… my sister signed her agreement to be a Mary Kay consultant, I am making headway in the wedding planning department and I am going to Green Bay this weekend for training camp!

I haven’t posted in a while because life got busy and wow, it’s already the end of July! I recruited my sister Emily after giving her a facial at work. We work together at our dad’s forklift repair business and we hung out and talked about MK all day! She was telling me how she wanted everything she tried plus nine eye colors, foundation primer, miracle set, the works… so I showed her how much money she would save by becoming a consultant and getting product at half off. I am so excited for her to join my team and now I am only one recruit away from getting in my red jacket! We also need two more recruits today for Jessica to wrap up her directorship! I am so excited for her and she very much deserves this for all her dedication and hard work!

I also have been busy with wedding planning fun… The biggest news here is that I found some very strong options for bridesmaid dresses! Since my dress is vintage looking, I decided I should go with a retro theme. Not blatantly Mad Men, but hints of vintage.



Those are the two strongest bridesmaid options that I have looked at… Tuesday night while Ashley is visiting, we are going with Michelle to try them on. I am so excited to see what they look like! I also need to set up an appointment with Blooms in Bloom to discuss floral options. I am really eager to see what they can offer because Jessica said that Nesli got her flowers from there and they were about $400… just wow… We also are getting a free cake from Cake’n’Bake because Brian’s mom knows someone there. Hooray for free stuff… We have free photography and free cake!

This weekend is going to be so nice not having to work! I have worked 8-10 days in a row pretty much all summer and it is not fun. I just had last weekend off and it was so incredible to just relax. Brian and I are leaving tonight after he is done working to go to his second cousin Travis’s house in Green Bay. We are going up to see the Packers in training camp, but I am just looking forward to spending a long relaxing week with Brian. We are getting back Saturday, but I have off Saturday and Sunday too. That’s mostly because the family reunion is on Sunday, but I just want to relax and not work. Have I said that I want to relax? I got through working at Sentry last night and now I just have to get through a day at the office and then I have to go home and pack. I’m sure I’ll post some photos of training camp or just pictures of me relaxing when I return.


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