My First Recruit!

I started my Mary Kay business about two months ago and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made! I have already noticed a change in my confidence and I have made some really great friends. 

It started when I received an email from Jessica Brown. She excitedly told me that I had won a $25 gift certificate and facial through David’s Bridal and that I should set up an appointment with her. I had no idea what she meant by a facial or any of this, but it was a $25 gift certificate! How could I pass that up? So I went for my facial on May 12th – the Saturday before Mother’s Day. 

I got my facial, which was just trying the Mary Kay Ultimate Miracle Set with foundation and color application. I looovvee playing with make-up, so this was such a good time for me. I had no idea that after hearing the business information that I would sign my agreement before I even left the training center.

When Trish shared the business information with everyone, I was so intrigued. She talked about being your own boss, the freedom and flexibility that her Mary Kay business affords her, and of course, the car program. I hate my job at Sentry and I’ve been looking for a full-time job since I graduated in May 2011, so I saw this as a way out of there. 

I had no idea that I could really make money in Mary Kay that easily. I invited friends and co-workers to get a facial with me on a Saturday and after their facial they bought stuff! I just had to squirt the product in the well and let one of the Sales Directors teach the class and I made money just sitting there! 

Now, sales are just one avenue of income in Mary Kay. There are also recruiting and dove-tailing. I decided right away to focus on sales and not to recruit because I didn’t want other women I knew to service people that I knew. Dove-tailing is teaching another consultant’s class and getting a portion of the profits, which wasn’t something I could do quite yet. I continued to focus solely on my sales and getting the word out that I was a new consultant.

This brings me to June 27th, the night of one of our success meetings. Mary Diem, our National Sales Director, was going to be in attendance. I HAD to find a guest. I asked everyone at work, texted a few people, and asked my sister, Emily if she knew anyone who was available. Jillian, her friend since elementary school, decided to come get a facial. I was ecstatic! Yes, literally jumping up and down in the living room because I was so excited that I found a guest. 

That night after Jillian’s facial, we all listened to Mary Diem speak. She talked about the business opportunity for Jillian and also gave the consultants some tips. We all were given two puzzle pieces on which to write two of our goals. By the end, Jillian was asking so many questions about the business that Mary and her sat down and talked about it for a good 30 minutes. Jessica and I talked with her afterwards about inventory options and gave her some more info about the business. We sent her on her way to think about it.

Trish was running a contest in June that if you add one qualified or have two agreements, you will earn the Carpe Diem pin. I admired that pin on Trish’s jacket and I wanted so much to earn one, but I really didn’t think that I could recruit anyone. This might be why I was so surprised, shocked, amazed that Jillian was interested. I just need to keep bringing guests to get a facial and hear the business information and I can get women interested or at least considering the business opportunity! 

I must add that my recruiter and Director in Qualifications, Jessica, was so close to wrapping up her Directorship in June. She and her recruits had until June 30th to add 9 more recruits and have a certain amount of orders for production in. i have become so close with Jessica in two short but wonderful months and I really wanted to help her wrap this up, so that was my other incentive for recruiting. 

Back to Jillian now. She took the next few days to think about the opportunity and decided to sign her agreement on June 30th! I was so, so happy for her, for Jessica and for myself! Jillian is embarking on something new and wonderful and Jessica was one more recruit closer to Directorship! This was something that I never thought was possible for me and I did it! 

Tonight I get to pin Jillian for her rose ceremony and present her as an official consultant to the unit! More later! 🙂


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