Yes, I enjoy organizing!

Yes, it’s actually true! My friend, Jamie can attest to this all too well. She says that every time she comes over my room is rearranged differently. (I say she just doesn’t visit often enough…) I have myriad organizing bins, baskets and totes. In our basement alone, I have “The Great Wall of Organizing Bins.” I even willingly helped Jamie organize her entire apartment when she first moved in. I know it’s a bit of a problem, but it could be worse, right?

Right up there, is my dream office. Right now I just have a filing cabinet to contain all my office supplies and papers. Not so efficient.Especially when everything expands outside of the filing cabinet and spills into other areas which are not my “office.”

That said, something needs to be done. I know I won’t have the office pictured above, but that’s what I aspire for one day. Tomorrow afternoon it begins. That’s when I have the time to devote to cleaning my entire room. It’s going to be scary, but so worth it. It always is.


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